Friday, January 12, 2007

NFL Picks for This Playoff Weekend

San Diego vs New England - San Diego
San Diego has been playing excellent football all year and with future Hall-of-Famer LT on the team, they will have no problem in defeating the Patriots.
Score: 24-17

Baltimore vs Indianapolis - Baltimore
Well, Peyton Manning will go without a Super Bowl ring this year too. Indy's defense and Peyton's problems will lead to a blowout.
Score: 27-13

Chicago vs Seattle - Seattle
This one is hard to call due to Rex Grossman and the Bears inability to play on certain days. Only four wins came against playoff teams during the regular season. For this reason, I chose Seattle.
Score: 31-21

New Orleans vs Philadelphia - Philadelphia
This is an easy pick. Philly has a new quarterback and an offense that is more balanced then the first time these two teams meant. The Eagles have been playing football better then any team in the NFC.
Score: 24-21

There ya go!

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